A new solution for the disposal of municipal waste

Catalytic mineralization technology saves both the environment and money

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Advantages of technology

This technology is already installed in 230 locations in 14 countries

USA, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Mexico


Introducing an innovative patented disposal solution for municipal waste. Catalytic mineralization takes place at a low temperature of up to 520 °C and therefore no harmful substances are released into the atmosphere. We can handle hazardous, liquid or hospital waste. The output material is a mineral powder that can be used for example in the building industry.

According to European Commission Directive 96/61 EC, Catalytic Mineralization falls under the category of Best Available Technology (BAT).

As the waste does not burn, no dioxins, furan, methane, nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide are released into the environment.

Catalytic mineralization,

municipal waste recovery technology.

Sample of the entire processing process

The result of the Infra Waste process is to reduce the volume of waste by up to 99%. The total volume depends on its composition. Catalytic mineralization will completely drain and remove the odor of the waste and eliminate all viruses and bacteria. The resulting powder can be used without any problems, for example, in the building industry.

The technology is available in different variants - the capacity of the chambers is decisive. It can process from 1.5 to 300 tons of waste per day. The chambers can be interconnected and their capacity added. They can also use smaller towns to dispose of municipal waste.

Prof. Zygmunt Wysocki is the inventor of technology and holds a number of patents. Infra Waste a.s. under the license agreement, is authorized to manufacture, use, offer and market technological equipment, manufacturing processes and know how that are the subject of patents.